Contacts of the Association:

+39 346 306 6590

Registered office: Civate (LC) – Via Nazario Sauro 5

Contacts of Parish Priest Luca of Civate (not for info and reservations):

+39 333 464 8903

+39 0341 550711

Contact Parish Priest Luca directly to inquire about the possibility of celebrating the Holy Mass inside the Basilica.


How do you reach the Basilica and how long does it take?

For information on how to reach San Pjetro, please visit the section DIRECTIONS.

What clothing is recommended for reaching San Pietro?

It's higly reccomended to wear trekking shoes or hiking boots and appropriate technical clothing.

In which languages are the guides available?

There are some audioguides available in italian, english, german, french and spanish.

What are the rules inside the Basilica?

Appropriate attire that respects the sacredness of the place is required both inside the Basilica and on the lawn outside. Special attention is recommended to avoid damaging frescoes and stuccoes with sticks or backpacks. The sticks must be left outside the Basilica or they must be placed inside the backpack. Under no circumstances can flash photography be conducted.

Can photos or videos be taken inside the Basilica?

Inside the basilica, it is possible to take pictures without flash for personal use.
To take pictures or record videos intended for any type of publication and/or using professional equipment, it is mandatory to request authorization to the Parish Priest of Civate, Don Luca Civardi (tel: +39 333 464 8903, email:
It's forbidden the use of drones.

Can I reach the place by bicycle?

No, the trails are not suitable for cycling. Therefore, the Basilica can only be reached on foot.

Is it possible to purchase food and drinks?

No. We do not provide this type of service. We recommend taking your waste back down the valley with you.

Is camping/overnight stay on the lawn allowed?

It's not allowed to set up camping tents on the lawn of the Basilica. Building fires or bonfires is also not permitted.

Is there any toilet?

Yes, there is a toilet.

Is Holy Mass celebrated?

The Holy Mass at 10:30 AM is guaranteed only on the first Sunday of the month. For other Sundays, communication will be provided on the association's social channels every midweek (please check on NEWS).

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed outside the Basilica, but they are not permitted to enter.

Is there a trash bin to dispose the waste?

No, we kindly ask to take care and respect the place and nature by carrying waste down the valley in your own backpack.